Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

Bio-security & why it is important to your flock

Bio-security sounds like a scary thing, maybe something that is more for big science labs or something in a movie.However bio-security is a important part of raising a healthyflock. Keeping your birds healthy is not only so you can have better birds to show at the fair. It also helps to stop the spread of diseases to other flocks and helps to prevent negative publicity about backyard breeders. Check out thewebsite below to learn how to do your part in keeping the flock happy & healthy. Bio-security is everyones resposibility.

Some examples of bio-security measures you can takes are:

1) Always quarintine your birds when you bring them home from the fair or a show . Keep them away from the rest of your flock for at least 2 weeks. This is so that you make sure not to spread a disease that you may have picked up from someone elses birds.

 2) Wear shoes that are only worn in your coop. If you go to someone elses farm/coop wear washable boots and do not wear them at your farm. Make sure you sanitize them after each place you visit. This helps stop the spread of disease that might be at another farm from getting to yours.

3) Wash your hands after holding or working with your birds. Make sure you keep your hands away from your mouth, eyes and face.  

There are lots more ways you can help, make sure to check out the website for more tips on how to keep your birds healthy.  

If you would like more information, I have a limited supply of pamphlets from the USDA, email me and I will send you some.