Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

Certified Pollorum Testers In Wisconsin

Below is a list of certified Wisconsin pollorum testers. Please contact one of them to test your poultry at least 3 weeks prior to fair, and no more than 90 days before fair. You MUST have a certificate issued by the state of Wisconsin on one of these: either a certified NPIP flock, WI tested flock program, a WI associate flock program or a individual test program from the state of Wisconsin before they can be shown at the fair. Due to WI State law  NO BIRDS (except pigeons) will be accepted without one of these certificates NO EXCEPTIONS !

Each tester has their own "fees" for the testing. Please be sure to ask them about it. Some of the testers would prefer to have multiple testings in the same area done in the same day. If possible work with others in your club to schedule a time/day when the tester can come and do all the birds at your individual homes. It saves the tester time and you money if they can make multiple stops in the area.

If you have any questions about what paperwork you need for exhibiting at the fair, contact a superintendent as soon as possible, so that you get the correct paperwork turned in on time and be able to exhibit at the fair. 

You can also find a list of Wisconsin Certified Poultry testers at: click on Wisconsin poultry testers by county.

Wesley Jennings 8818 N Hwy 26 Milton, WI 53563 (608) 868-2795 Rock County

Brian Lux 6344 E Lone Lane Janesville, WI 53546 (608)751-8684 Rock County

 J. Michael & Jan Toubl  8716 W St. Lawrence Rd Beloit, WI 53511 (608) 365-1789 Rock County

Melaine Hofstrom-Waite 6729 East Cty Road X Clinton, WI 53535 (608) 751-6280 RockCounty

Raymond Reily Jr. 9000 N Cty Rd H Edgerton, WI 53534 (608)884-3013 Rock County

Kathie Swart 4038 W Cemetary Rd. Janesville,WI 53548 (608) 758-2483 Rock County

Stephanie DeLong 11631 East Creek Rd. Darien, WI 53114 (608) 676-4907 Rock County

Todd Kaehler 14329 W Cty Rd. A Evansville,WI 53536 (608) 876-6469 Rock County

Bill and Beverly Cochrane 10801 W State Rd 81 Beloit, WI 53511 (608) 365-3256 Rock County

Ben Lawton 2821 Hwy 51 South Janesville, WI 53546 (608) 757-7881 Rock County

Don Frey P.O.Box 491 Clinton, WI 53525 (608) 676-8229 Rock County

Darra Porter 6823 Lee Rd Broadhead, WI 53520 (608) 879-3475 Rock County

Terry Lund 3764 Union Dane Rd.Brooklyn WI 53521 (608) 455-2318 Dane County