Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

Poultry Breeders

There are many poultry breeders out there. Listed below are just a FEW of them. Many of the kids in 4-H and FFA have bought birds from these breeders over the years. We DO NOT recommend any particular breeder. We are only giving you a starting reference point to where you might be able to purchase your birds.There are also several local breeders who raise show birds, and we may not have information on who to call so, please ask other members in your club where they purchase their birds to find a breeder that is right for you. You can also go online and "google" poultry breeders to find one that will have what you are looking for. Again this is only a small listing of the poultry breeders available.

 When you find a breeder,you might also want to consider going in on shipment of birds as a group/club, as this will save shipping costs and sometimes gives you a price break.

Just Remember to get a NPIP # on every invoice or receipt especially if you buy from a local breeder ! You will need this information for your paperwork for fair.

Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms Inc.

P.O. Box 591 Cameron, TX 76520 

(254) 697-6677 Fax: (254) 697-2393


Murray McMurray


P.O. Box 458 Webster City, IA 50595

Cackle Hatchery

(417) 532-4581 Fax: (417) 588-1918

P.O.Box 529 Lebanon, MO 65536


Sunnyside Hatchery


P.O. Box 452 Beaverdam, WI 53916

We hatch chicks weekly from December-June. Visit our website WWW.LUNDPOULTRY.COM or e-mail us at Breeds include: Vorwerks, Black Cochins, Salmon Faverolles, Buff Brahmas, Nankins and White-Faced Black Spanish. Geese- White Sebastopols, Brown Africans, Grey/Buff Toulouse, American Buffs, and Brown Chinas. Ducks- White, Snowy and Buff Call Ducks.

Dale Wheelock -small local breeder of chickens & turkeys, call or email for varieties he raises.


(262) 882-3633

DeLong Poultry - Baby chicks (large fowl & bantam), started birds, hatching eggs,adult birds & ceremonial ringneck doves.

Large fowl: Rhode Island Red

Bantam: Silver laced wyandotte, white plymouthrock, birchen modern game

Doves: Ringneck

Jordan DeLong

(608) 289-3844

11631 East Creek Road

Darien, WI 53114

Again this is just a small list of available breeders & hatcheries. and we are NOT RECOMENDING any particular company. If you have the name of other hatcheries or breeders please email us and we will try to include them in a updated list. This list is for informational purposes only.