Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

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 The 2015 Rules & information


Look for info such as:


  • Guinea are now allowed to be shown

  • Only White or Bronze turkeys are to be shown

  • You can now show up to 8  birds             plus showmanship

You must provide your own bedding !

 No Cedar shavings !

Fair boxes will be located in the center section of the poultry barn along the wall that had the Emu pens. Only small size fair boxes are allowed... plastic totes are recommended.


There are a few other changes as well. Please make sure to check the fair book for all the details and rules. 


Please Note !


 Members are responsible for showing their own birds ! If you are unable to show due to showing in another area at the same time you MUST find another 4-H or FFA member to show for you. Parents, siblings etc... are NOT allowed to show for you. 

Also you must notify the superintendents of the change. at no time will the superintendents find someone to show for is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY !  

This goes for the Fur & Feather sale as Must sell your own bird or have a 4-H or FFA member sell for you...if not in sale line up you will not be allowed to sell at all. Please ask a superintendent of you have any questions.