Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

Paperwork needed for fair entries:


Poultry being moved from premise to fair need to be enrolled in one of these programs. Certified NPIP flock, WI tested flock, WI Associate Flock or WI Individual Test. Ask a superintendent for a form and which one you need to fill out. Fill out the form and send the form, and copies of any hatchery papers to the state of WI. Wait to send in only after you have gotten all of your poultry. Send at least 3 weeks BEFORE FAIR. You only need to send in one form per premise ID. Only eggs coming to fair from premise needs no form. ALWAYS make copies of your paper work. See the examples below.

We cannot make copies for you at the fair, so be sure to have them before you come.

Any questions please contact a superintendent as soon as possible.

Here are some samples of the paperwork that you may need.

These papers may include a COPY of your sales reciept from the hatchery which has the NPIP number on it, a COPY of your WI. tested flock certificate and a COPY of your paperwork that the pollorum tester gives you. We keep all papers for our records incase we have to refer back to them for the State of Wisconsin so make sure you bring in copies for us so you can keep the originals.

If you have any question about what paperwork is REQUIRED 

ask a superintendent as soon as possible. If you do not have the correct paperwork you cannot show at the fair ! It is not our rules but the State of Wisconsin's.