Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

What Class Should My Bird Be Entered In?

Here is a listing of the most common breeds of poultry and what class they should be entered in for fair.  If you have a breed that is not listed here and want to know which class/lot you need to enter it under,or if it is allowed at fair, please contact a superintendent for help.  Enteries  CAN NOT be changed ! NO EXCEPTIONS !  


                              Follows Rock County Fair Book  Only

 Class A Standard Chickens               Lot numbers 1-20

White Plymouth Rock - White

Any Other Plymouth Rock - Barred, Buff, Silver Penciled, Columbian, Blue

Rhode Island Red - Single Comb, Rose Comb

Wyandotte - Silver Laced, Golden laced, White, Black, Buff, Partridge, Silver Penciled, Columbian Blue

All Other American Varieties - Dominique, Java's, Rhode island White, Buckeyes, Chanticleers, Jersy Giants, Lamonas, New Hampshire, Hollands Delaware

All Mediteranian Varieties - Leghorn, Minorcas, White Faced Spanish, Andalusians, Anconas, Sicilian, Buttercups, Catalans

All Asiatic Varieties - Brahamas, Cochins, Langshans

All English Varieties - Dorkings, Red Caps, Cornish, Orpingtons, Sussex, Australorps

All Other Standard Varieties - Standard Games, Sumatras, Malayas, Cubalayas, Phenoix, Yokohamas, Aseels, Shamos, Sultans, Frizzles, naked Necks, Araucanas, Ameraucanas

Continental - Barnevelders, Hamburgs, Campines, Lakenvelders, Welsummes, Polish, Houdans, Crevecoeurs, LaFleche, Faverolles


Class B Bantams                                     Lot Numbers 1-10

Any Feather Legged Bantam - Booted, Bramas, belgian Bearded d'Uccle, Cochins, Faverolles, Frizzles, Langshans, Silkies, Sultans

Any S.C. Cleaan Legged Bantam - Anoconas, Andalusians, Campines, Catalanas, Delaware, Dorkings,Dutch, Frizzles, Hollands, Japaneese, Javas, Jersy Giants, Lakenvelders, Lamonas, Leghorns, Minorcas, Naked Necks, New Hampshires, Orpington, Phenoix, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, White Faced Black Spanish, Sussex, Welsummers

ANy Rose Cone Clean Legged Bantam - Anocanas, belgian bearded d'Anvers, Domiques, Dorkings, Hambergs, Leghorns, Minorcas,Red Caps, Rhode Island Reds, Rhode Island Whites, Rose Combs, Seabrights, Wyandottes

Any Game Bantam - Modern Game, Old English Game

Any Other Bantam - Ameraucanas, Buckeyes, Chanteclers, Cubalayas, Houndans, La Fleeche, Malays, Polish, Shamos, Sicilian Buttercups, Sumatras, Yokohamas, Araucanas, Cornish

 Class C Ducks                                                     Lot Numbers 1 -20

Heavy - Pekin, Aylesbury, Rouen, Muscovy

Medium - Cayuga, Crested, Swedish, Buff

Light Weight - Runner, Campbell, magpie

Bantam - Call, East Indie, Mallard

Crossbred Meat Duck - Anything


Class D Geese                                                     Lot Numbers 1-12

Heavy - Toulouse, Embden (Emden), African

Medium- Sebastpool, Pilgram, American Buff, Saddleback Pomeranian

Light - Chineese, Tufted Roman, Egyptian


Class E Turkey                                                    Lot Numbers 1-6

White Meat Type - Meat Type

Bronze Meat Type - Meat Type


Class F Market Class                                          Lot Numbers 1-12

Pen Of Broilers - Cornish X Chicken      5-7 weeks old

Pen Of Roasters - Cornish Chicken       10 - 14 weeks old

Crossbred Meat type red Ear Lobed - Any chicken with red earlobe bred for meat NOT always the biggest bird

Crossbred Egg Type White Ear lobed - Any chicken with a white earlobee (Mediteranian breeds) bred for eggs

One Yearling Hen - Born before Jan 1st of the fair year, can be any kind of chicken

Eggs - Same color, weight, clean


Glass G Pigeons                                                    Lot Numbers 1-12

Performing - Rollers, Homers, Tumblers, Highflyer etc,

Utility - Runt, Giant Homer, French Mondain, Texan Pioneer, Kings, Carneaus, etc..

Fancy - Frillback, Owls, Jacobins, Archangle, Fantails, etc.

If any questions on pigeons call Gerald Prentice at (608) 755-9865