Rock County 4H poultry Project Information

What SuppliesTo Bring The Fair

These are must haves for you to show at the fair.

Approved Feed & Water Cups. Ducks, geese and turkeys can use coffee cans. Please mark the bottom of all feed dishes with your name & club.

Feed. We do not supply any feed.

Dust pan & a hand held hoe for cleanning cages.

Show boxes are not allowed...However each club may bring a tote and store their supplies in it.

IF your club has a barn sign you may hang it in the poultry barn.

Cage decorations. You are encouraged, but not required to decorate your cages. But please remember that birds eat some decorations and not to over decorate so that air flow is blocked to your birds.

Copies of all your paperwork ! ! ! we can not make any copies for you and if you do not have your paperwork you can not show at the fair !

No bedding provided ! This is a new change so please be prepared to either bring bedding from home or purchase some from the Farm & Fleet truck at the fair. 


 The poultry dept. has rakes, wheelbarrows and water cans available so please keep yours at home due to limited space in the barn.

Have questions? Please call a superintendent.